Cisco Bootcamp and Certification| A Comprehensive Guide (2024)

All the Certifications & Bootcamps offered by Cisco Systems, both basic and specialized, require candidates to pass an exam.

Seven alternative courses, including routing and switching, design, security, and storage networking, are available for the general certifications, which have been divided into four levels of skill.

CCNA, CCNP, and CCIE are the most popular IT certifications, according to demand. Employers can be sure that you are knowledgeable about networking principles and concepts if you hold a Cisco certification. 

You may improve your IT abilities and prepare for new industrial problems with the help of Cisco Training Bootcamps.

In order to assist you retain your new information and begin putting those abilities to use to improve your professional chances, they conduct a 9-day course over 8 weeks that adheres to a strict schedule with repetition of highly relevant content.

Select among several Cisco Training Bootcamps

You can select the bootcamp that best meets your needs from those offered by Cisco, including operations and troubleshooting bootcamps and devnet automation bootcamps.

Cisco DevNet Automation Bootcamps 

  • Cisco DevNet Automation Bootcamp for ACI 
  • Cisco DevNet Automation Bootcamp for Meraki 
  • Cisco DevNet Automation Bootcamp for NSOOperations and Troubleshooting Bootcamps 
  • Cisco Operations and Troubleshooting Bootcamp for ACI 
  • Cisco Operations and Troubleshooting Bootcamp for SDA

They’ll discover a solution that works for you if none of the bootcamps offered are suitable for your needs.

What you will receive during the Bootcamp?

Get the starting document: Participate in a 5-day virtual instructor-led training to help you be ready for the course by self-studying the prerequisite materials

Receive comprehensive self-study materials, such as hands-on labs that concentrate on the fundamental ideas you must understand and in-depth Cisco training. 

To help you prepare for the deep-dive lab and to help you reinforce the knowledge from the 5-day training. Take part in 4-day online deep-dive labs with an instructor.

Building your confidence and skills through dynamic, hands-on training with end-to-end, in-depth labs Support during business hours: Using a Webex room, three 2-hour support sessions were held. 

What are the benefits of Cisco Bootcamp?

  • Nine days of rigorous instruction with expert-led deep-dive labs and instructor-led sessions
  • Possibility to use skills learned in practical labs to address actual automation problems.
  • You can choose from a variety of operations, automation, and troubleshooting bootcamps to assist you in achieving your objectives.

When it comes to Cisco bootcamp certification, you can grab many job opportunities in many fields like technical, machine learning, software development, and many more.

Here are five arguments for why earning one or more Cisco certifications is unquestionably worthwhile.

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Enhancing And Validating Your Networking Knowledge Is a Cisco Certification

Learning more and expanding your knowledge is one of the key benefits of enrolling in Cisco certification training.

The majority of Cisco certifications span numerous technologies and protocols. Getting a Cisco certification will teach you how to set up, manage, and troubleshoot switched and routed networks.

With the pressures and hazards involved in network deployment and maintenance in large organizations, experts with a Cisco certification also have the knowledge and skills needed to handle problems in real-world settings.

A Cisco certification opens up new career advancement opportunities

With regard to the roles, you’ll be given and qualified for, a Cisco certification puts your career on the fast track.

This translates to significantly higher visibility in terms of your work profile. With additional responsibility and task ownership, you’ll be able to accomplish a variety of networking tasks at an expert level.

Although obtaining a certification won’t necessarily hasten the promotion process, it is still possible to do so.

Your salary will increase with a Cisco certification.

Network and system administrators made an average yearly pay of $79,770 in May 2014, according to the US Bureau of Statistics (BLS), with the highest-paid professionals earning $120,000 or more.

In addition, the BLS forecasts a 12% rise in demand for network specialists between 2012 and 2022. The InfoSec Institute estimates that CCNA professionals can make up to $118,830 annually.

Additionally, a recent PayScale survey shows that the annual income for certified network engineers with a focus on Cisco networking is in the range of $50,971 to $101, 017.

Employers Prefer Professionals with Cisco Certification 

The December 2008 study Impact of Training: Functional Excellence Leads to Operational Productivity by International Data Corporation (IDC) demonstrates the beneficial effects of training and certifications on boosting return on investment, cutting costs, and raising productivity for employers.

Because they are evidence of networking and troubleshooting abilities, certifications verify that you possess a particular degree of knowledge and abilities.

Employing Cisco-certified professionals over non-certified ones is preferred by some businesses (particularly Cisco partners). Additionally, your compensation will increase as you earn more qualifications.

Future Cisco Certification Benefits Far Exceed Opportunity Costs

The average professional without prior IT or networking experience could finish a full Cisco track for instance, the R/S, or Routing and Switching track—in a maximum of 1500 hours of study time, leading to the completion of three certifications: CCNA R/S, CCNP R/S, and CCIE R/S.

This amounts to an opportunity cost of $24,000, assuming the professional quit their work to devote all of their time to studying for the certification exams, at the $16/hour average graduate pay in the US.

With an average starting salary of more than $50,000 per year, earning a Cisco certification would allow the individual to devote a whole year to training and still break even after six months at their new position.

List out some facts and Figures

  • A Cisco certification, in the opinion of 66% of managers, raises the general caliber of service and support provided to clients and end users of IT.
  • Teams with between 40 and 55 percent certified team members outperform the norm.
  • Because qualified staff knows how to handle problems and solve them more successfully, having a Cisco certification promotes client satisfaction.
  • Cisco certifications are crucial for improved team performance, say 75% of managers.
  • A Cisco certification can help recruiters notice your CV given these advantages to businesses and will set you apart from other non-certified individuals.

Wrapping Up

Are you prepared to begin your journey toward a Cisco certification? Both the CCNP Routing & Switching Certification and the CCNA Routing & Switching Certification are available in Cisco BootCamp.

180 days of high-quality, self-paced learning materials created by professionals in the field will be made available to you.

This course will assist you in passing your Cisco exam the first time, which will demonstrate your proficiency and advance your career exactly as stated above.